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Specially created for business and agencies to interact with one platform on all channels

Created to Support Business

Easy & Pro builder

Easy drag & drop flow builder, no coding required! Need more? Get to know our Pro-builder

Multiple Platforms

One system for all messenger platforms. Keep it simple and one bot can cover them all!

Smart AI learning

Included easy to use training module to train your chat bot become smarter and handle more accurate

Target Audiences

Create your personal audiences and improve your business with all interaction analytics

Connect to all your favorite messaging platforms

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Generate More Leads & Sales

Live Chat

Keep control over all conversations with live chat. Let the bot handle all 1st interactions. If the bot can’t handle it and your customer needs personal assistant you can be notified and instantly take-over the bot.



Gain full control over all interactions with our analytics dashboard. Track your audience growth, messages trend lines & flow insights. You can even connect with Google Analytics to extend your insights



Create audiences from all your chat visitors. Tag them when they hit certain scenario’s and create amazing flows per target group to get the best communication & interactions. Push your audience into your CRM.


Reach your customers on the platform where they are! Give a shout out to all of them! Promote your new deal, ask their opinion or update them with news!


Smart Flow & AI chatbot

Full integration between flow designs and Natural Language Processing chats. In our special learning environment you can make you bot smarter to handle more customer questions itself.


Advantages of BuBoChat


  • Easy set-up & connections
  • Connect one bot to multiple platforms
  • Artificial Intelligence learning module
  • Pro builder included
  • Live-chat take-over (hybrid chatbot)
  • Full analytics dashboard
  • Complete conversation insights
  • Audience dashboard

Improve ROI & NPS

  • 24/7 instant response to your customer
  • Create more traffic via inbound channel
  • Use your chat service for promotions
  • Set auto messages on Instagram
  • One chatbot on all channels
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Create more customer engagement

Designed to improve ROI

Increase your Return Of Invest

Boost sales

Start online guided selling and boost your online sales! Be your competition one step ahead

Increase loyalty

Interact more with your customers and increase your NPS with 24-7 targeted communication


Connect all platforms and bots with your own API and CRM systems

11 Connected

Messaging platforms

Need development support?

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Flow design

Want to get started without creating the bot yourself? Let us do it for you and boost your time to market

API Connections

Let our experts know what you need, and we develop it for you. It will save you lots of time! and money!

Bot strategy

We can help you implement the bot in the correct way, like we did for lots of other customers

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