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Discover all the features of BuBochat all-in-one bot CRM platform

hybrid chatbot with live chat

Real-time human chatbot take-over is fully implemented. You can always and everywhere handle the conversation and help your customer personally.

NO coding

We build the platform in a way that everybody can use it. You don’t have to code anything or have to hire a development team.


The fully integrated chatbot will instantly reply to your customers questions. It will help you boost sales & customer service. Your NPS will increase immediately.

NLP ai driven interface

The chatbot runs on a Natural Language Processing (NLP) interface. This means it will recognize your customers questions and knows what to answer. 

smart AI Learning

Because your customers question won´t always write or ask the same question, but they want to receive the same answer. You can train the bot what to respond and answer more accurate. 

Easy q&a set-up

You can set-up the questions and answers very easily on our online platform. To answer most frequently asked questions and expend this on to go. You can even import from Microsoft Excel or Google sheet.

Full bot analytics

Get a full analytics overview of all your the interactions with the bot. How many users chat, when they chat, what they are talking about and more! Connect with Google analytics if the overview is not enough.

One inbox

All chat conversations are handled in one simple inbox from all your connected platforms. You don´t have to switch between apps or programs. To handle and take-over the conversations personally.

Chatbot store included

Full chatbot store integrated with all the options you need. Let users view and buy the products you offer directly in the chat without having to user third party systems.

Audience CRM System

View all the user who chatted with your bot, give them tags and extend their customer details while the bot chats with them. You don’t need another CRM to keep track of your audiences.


Send broadcasts to all your customers in once or to some who you have a special offer for. You can send the messages immediately or schedule it on the time you want your user to receive the message. (incl. timezones)


Store all your content you want to use in one place within the bot. You can even make use of your Facebook/ YouTube/ RSS or API feeds to get it in automatically and send updates when there are new items.

connected platforms

Connect with your customers on their favorite messenger platforms! Connect your bot to one or multiple channels & let your customer choose how they want to get in touch with you. Interact more and grow your customers engagement!

Instagram Direct messenger

BuBoChat works perfectly on your Instagram account. Be more innovate and stay your competition ahead! Interact more with users on Instagram Direct Message then you did before. Ask them to send a message in posts or react directly in Instagram Stories.
Learn more about Instagram DM chatbot

Facebook messenger

Let user connect with you by using their Facebook messenger. Let customers interact with you via Facebook advertising. Or let your widget pop-up on your website to connect with your customers whenever they like!
Learn more about Facebook messenger chatbot

Web widget

Support your website visitors with our web widget. It runs on your website and let your customers know you are there with your personalized welcome message. When your customers are typing they already get “hints” of programmed bot recognized questions. Included a timed pop-up feature, so it pops up whenever you want. This way you help your customers faster with to get the correct answers.
Learn more about web widget

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business ChatBot yourself

  • Works on all platforms (Instagram/ Facebook etc)
  • Hybrid Chatbot with real live human take-over
  • Full message analytics
  • 24/7 available

About Us

We are a start-up company specialized in chatbot business software. We help you take your customer messaging business one step further and future proof. 

Our Mission

We believe every entrepreneur or business should have the possibility to integrate an automated chat service. Our mission is to make it possible for every business to run and expend business with chatbot software.

BuBo Chatbot

  • Free trial version
  • Grow as you go!
  • Easy to use interface
  • Hybrid chatbot
  • Live chat take-over
  • Social platforms integrated