Instagram chatbot
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Connect & interact more with your customers on Instagram via Direct Messaging. Generate more sales and boost loyalty with an Instagram Chatbot!

Our Instagram Chatbot got you covered

Flow builder

Create specific flows to guide your audiences in the correct flow

Direct Reply

Respond automatically to all messages within Instagram Messages

Live-chat takeover

Does you customer need human support? You can always take-over the conversation!

Create Audiences

Build personal interactions & segment your complete Instagram chat audiences

Instagram Customer Management System

Start responding to all the Instagram Direct Messages you receive and strengthen your relationship and trust with your audiences.

Instagram Direct Messaging Chatbot

Get more Direct Messages

Create more in interactions with your audiences on Instagram. Ask them to send you a message in your bio,  use it in your posts or create awesome stories where users can respond to and start to talk with your chatbot!

Get loved by your audiences

With your Instagram chatbot talking and interacting with your customers will boost your loyalty. Get to know your customers in a way you never did before! Create quizzes ask for opinions & feedback and give your Instagram account a voice & face!


Boost sales & customer loyalty

Start boosting your audiences with an Instagram chatbot on your account. Attract new customers by using guided selling in your chatbot flows to provide automatically the best fitted products to their needs. Send discount coupons and provide after sales to increase your loyalty!


Easy chatbot setup

We understand that you get overwhelmed by all the direct messages. That’s why we made it easy for you to get connected with you Instagram followers. Within 10 minutes your Instagram chatbot will be up and running and able to build and improve a relationship with your target audiences.

No Coding Required

Everyone should be able to set-up a Business Bot on Instagram

Connect with Instagram

Set-up your chatbot account and connect it in the start-up settings with your Instagram account. Your chatbot is ready to immediately ready to interact via Instagram DM.

Define your bot answers

Learn the smart AI chatbot software which reaction it should give. Let it answer customers questions, guide to a sale or send out pre-defined promotion vouchers!

Boost sales & NPS

Your customers will love your business and product from now on even more. You are on the same place as where they are. And help them instantly with their questions.

Boost your Instagram business and expend your service by using our unique Instagram connection to interact on Instagram Direct Messaging.

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The Bubochat Instagram DM Chatbot does all the work of responding automatically to all the messages you get on the platform. With this tool, your Customer Management System is covered for on Instagram.