Why choose BuBoChat?

Easy to use

We created a super user friendly web-based platform, so everybody will understand how to use it. Without any knowledge of IT or programming. Your chatbot is up and running within 5 minutes. And will be immediately available to run on your social media channels, Instagram and Facebook. Or can be set on your website as a widget. You can very easily set-up your frequently asked questions and answers. You will be able to handle all chat conversations in one inbox. Your chatbot is a hybrid bot that allows you to manually take-over the conversation when required.

Write content, no code

We believe that you have to do what you do best and don't have to learn coding or become a developer to install and use a chatbot. Therefore we designed our platform in such a way that it will work like "plug and play". You only have to write the content. Which means that you have to learn the chatbot your most frequently asked questions, and answers. It´s even possible to create these in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Value for money

We offer value for your money. Our chatbot gives you the possibility to reduce costs and increase customer service, sales & improve NPS. We understand that every business is different. Therefore we created different PRO versions, that suits your business the best. Grow your business as you go and we will follow you on your journey. We are convinced of the profits you will anticipate with the use of our software. Therefore we even offer you a free-trial to kick the tires for a month.

Upgrade your business

Start using BuBochat, your business bot today and experience it yourself.